Endless Sand

A stroll in the desert.

Why must all things be in melee range?

I was glad that the camel decided to come along with out making me drag the stupid thing. We set off toward a barrow that seems to be about 5 says from town, following my brother onto an elevated place in the sand we have scorpions move up out of the sands, right next to us making it hard to shoot with my “Hardy” Hardy being my Great crossbow, I unloaded it attempting to hit the one next to me as why not, might as well try, missing, then I change to my chuktar and move to help the heavier armored folks, not that that was a good idea, but I did finally kill one of the little ones and noticed some treasure in the hole it had come from, My brother was wanting to capture one to sell, not sure if we shouldn’t wait until we are heading back before we should try to catch something so we have to lug it less of the way..
Note to self, I need to think faster on my feet..
I hope that this place we are going to has a goodly treasure to keep Ruvik happy. I myself could use more change too, but he goes through so much trying to make it with any female that will give him time of day, I think the only reason he isn’t broke from spending it on the gals is that he does have a greedy streak.


faradhii KeithBailey

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