Endless Sand

Beginning of new Employment

Musings of an Halfblood

Cannot pretend entering the town of Mara that myself and my brother are pure like white silver. Two … maybe three who were tame as bored brinchies for how swift an arse kicking they receive. Though we got a free meal out from that and decent amount of coinage. Pitching coppers would be of the past soon with some brutish Ogre tapped me over with this battleaxe. Swore he was stricken with an itchin’ for a fight, myself not inclined to be intimidated by our larger kin. Kuvik struck some meaningful words on business, given a chance to get paid. Lucky like a fish in an ocean was a pretty Eldakar. Curious on if this blasted human side could breed with her.

No idea why she was alone, yet it looked like she was meeting with us. Another events included squeezing piss out a bartender after information and breaking even in some dice. Nice building this place we made it the following day. Two large ogres who seem seasoned in combat block the path. Did anyone by Vainar’s rotted cock think I would be swayed aback by their size? Bloody not, I was no Southerner. We told our reason and were first around. A feast was granted and now I knew why the beauty was walking all calm. A damn lizard guarded her. A terribly plump one to add. Skipping the needless sections we ate and met this guy calling himself the Flea. Amusing was learning we needed to test ourselves. OURSELVES WHO HE NEEDED!!!! Guess could not say much. We handled the roaming bones without a problem in these pitts, but the Dregordian took a thrashing or two. Question is….where is when do we get the flaming pay???


faradhii Ruben_Rivera

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