Endless Sand

Buried Wealth

Musings of an Halfblood

Down the ominous hole I went after the Dwarf and my brother dealt with it mostly. Truthfully the idea of traveling further seemed a foolish notion, however my addiction to wealth overcame rational thought. Fortunately this gamble showed itself to be worthy, tackling onward some strife in association of the bowels of these wyrms. As time passed for everyone treasures were discovered, myself achieving some magically imbued shirt probably warranting enough trades, but nothing compared to the oppose sentient sword against the forces of Darkness. Plundering further within the territory…at least we can see we killed its mother as numerous spawns sprung out from the ground. Their acidic saliva was problematic, rendering our defenses nearly useless as well as superior numbers. Thinning their numbers through persistence, combined with a Dwarf with impregnable dwarvish plate and a psychotic Dregordian… it tipped the cosmic scale in our favor. Even a pair were taken alive, likely to fetch a hefty sum. Conceivably my conquest might not be a dream if this bounty stacked our coffers.


faradhii Ruben_Rivera

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