Endless Sand

Endless Sand Arsekicking

Musings of an Halfblood

Blighting bad luck accursed us as I write this on a bed with my brother alongside me. The days prior worked to our favor, both training quite enthusiastically to make future endeavors with better success. A led hinted at a great deal for a team musing on the idea of taking a dive. No idea where that minx of an Eldakar went as well as that ferocious and heavy set Dregordian. The Ogre had dealings of sort, accompanying the two of us in combat. Complications were met in the skirmish of life and death. We fought the good fight, though they were wise targeting us one by one before overwhelming the damn Ogre. Why the Ogre did not exploit the opportunity I had no idea, yet they are not known for their brains. He surrendered I hear which shames all Goblinesh. A good moment was killing that arse with the two-hander, cleaving him in two. Too exhausted to write more, body needs proper rest.


faradhii Ruben_Rivera

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