Endless Sand

New Possibilities

So travelling through the desert, making sure im not hunted. I was heading for a old Tomb I knew off, to make camp for the day. Found a group of Camels outside a old tomb. As I inspected them to ascertain there value and if they were guarded, a old rather obese desert dregordian came out of the Tomb.
He seemed somewhat guarded, but I assured him I was just looking for stolen camels.
Soon after some Orc and a Ogre was hauling out some valuable desert worms out. Good condition and alive. The group seemed capable, and they must have survived the traps and other dangers of the Tomb. But I was pretty confident they had not came past the wall of flame.
I made a deal with them, for the riches beyond this wall, told them the old rime that should contain clues to the wall. They were able to bring down the wall.
A old skeleton like creature was beyond the wall, with a number of traps and some statues.
After a long fight we were able to defeat the dangers of beyond the wall.

What we came across I will write about in my next journal, now I need sleep.


faradhii Anilar

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