Endless Sand

Ruined Venturing

Musings of an Halfblood

Controlling my frustrations was difficult, illustrating countless methods to cut that Dwarf for ruining my opportunity for riches. Equally upsetting is having your naive brother playing nice with the fellow workers. Suppose its better versus the near death experience I almost suffered from by the hands of the warriors in the Colosseum. We split our cuts, although the dwarf found some weapon of Elven origins. Approaching the temple it was quite dark, unnaturally dark as if cloaked by Vainar himself. Stumbling upon obstacles and some worm like beast, nothing was simple though in the midst of combat found some blade that was embedded in its cut. Shocking he was generous to hand it to me after we finished the barrage of arrows or bolts into it. I think the Ogre deserves no cut, being idle once again. I might not like the dwarf, but inactivity and laziness was far worse. Speaking of that..expecting your discovered weapon can talk….intriguing. Maybe I fetch a nice price after fixating the sapphire I found and attached to the hilt.


faradhii Ruben_Rivera

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