Endless Sand

Rumble in the Desert

Musings of an Halfblood

Pompous thug of a crime lord assumes much based on wealth. Envious truth be told this reinforces my infamous greed for acquiring more coinage for future enterprises. A goblinesh with human blood coursing through my veins has made life rough for me and my brother. A token was given and we would be hunting for treasure of some kind. By an Ogre’s balls I needed to get some extra coin. Finding business in the Stadium, I came there as a combatant with Kuvik kicking and dragging I reckon but wouldn’t say anything. We bested the competition and with the winnings exchanged it for a bulbous cage. We were creature wrangling and being out in that environment made all the sense in the Aether and Starfall.

Quicksand almost captured these foolish travelers, though they took my lead it seems. By damnation of the abyss did we get an chapter of torment by the beasts of the desert. Scorpions attempted to ambush and admittedly gold flowed through my mind. By misfortune nothing was kept alive and even got some venom through me. I swear the Dwarf will die for killing my paycheck. A scorpion of such exceptional quality and size as if a blessing by the fucking ascended. Kuvik tried to calm me by pointing out a hole. Time to see what is there. Note to self, avoid the berserking lizard. Might take a beheading to subdue that one.


faradhii Ruben_Rivera

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