Endless Sand


we have arrived

After leaving the Behir lair and travelling we finally made it to Shield so we can rest and clean up, and my brother as always is spending inordinately too much time with what ever woman catches his eye at the time.
I put up with being called a servant but I do not enjoy it.
I wander about the inn of the Bell & whistle and find other than people’s rooms there is very few places I am not allowed to see, the contraptions here intrigue me.
some of the magic to this place has to be in the kitchen as it is guarded almost as much as the finest wines.
What have they got in there that they won’t let us see?
The hot bath was wonderful and the midnight snack was obviously for something else to die for.
Afraad spent a good bit of time finding buyers for the Behir hide and I was able to strike a deal for a full suit of leather armor made from this fine leather it is so comfortable tailored to fit the very curves of my fine shape. I was able to find an enchanter that put enchantments on it that make me more agile and able to parry better, I hope to get a chance to have this fine armor enchanted with more durability so it can protect me from damage better. Maybe next trip through here..
The group has a goodly bit of gems jewels and gold. Though how much is left when we leave Shield will depend somewhat on how much my brother blows on the ladies as he entertains them…… More on that later.


faradhii KeithBailey

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