Half Orc


Rank/XP: Seasoned/40
Race: HalfBlood [Orc]
Resource: 3410.5 GP
Agility: D12 ( + 2 from acrobat)
Smarts: D6
Spirit: D6
Strength: D10
Vigor: D8
Pace: 6 in.
Parry: 13 (4)
Toughness: 8 (2)
Charisma: -2
Skills: Fighting D12+2. Shooting D12+1, Notice D6+4, Lockpicking D4, Persuasion d6, Survival D6 , Intimidation D6 , Stealth D8, Streetwise d4

Edges: Canny, Trademark Weapon, Powerful, Crossbow Soldier, Quickdraw

Hindrances: Vow (M): Protection of my Older Brother, Curious (M)

Gear: Bracers( + 1 parry),
Chuktar Enchanted + 2 fighting, + 1 Parry( + 1 Normal Parry) Healing once per day when I take two wounds based on my spirit ( Str + D10),
Trademark weapon Great Crossbow: (13/26/52, 2d8, AP 2, Full Round to reload) 2 water skins (One water, one Scotch), Lockpicks , Desert Cloak ( + 1 stealth), 2 weeks of Rations , Chain of Command ( Str+d6! 20 ft of chain ), (12) Caltrops, 100’ cord, Backpack, Weapon belt, bedroll, Tarp,
Full Behir Leather (Exquisite ie Fine clothes + 1 Cha) ( + 2 armor, – 4 coverage) enchanted with the acrobat edge can sleep in it with no penalty Gives + 4 armor vrs electrical attacks,
Partial helm enchanted w/+2 Notice,
Ring that has the Marksman edge
Camel, + Special riding Saddle, (2) five gallon waterskins on camel, Flail
Light honeyed med sized Malakarin ale (93)
4 pack camels

Ring, Rapid Recharge

Flute that plays Obscure or Light, and grants Pattern Sight from Sobek??

Party loot
15500 GP after 5000 GP deposit at the Bell & Whistle inn in Shield

Defining Interests: Locks,

Contacts: Arthas the Dragon Quest to raid stuff from the Dragon VerminThrax

Languages: Goblinesh ,Malakaran, Aradesh

5: TradeMark Weapon Great Crossbow

10: Persuasion d4; Fighting d10, Half rank shooting through day in the life
15: Agility to d10
20: Shooting d12 (1/2 due to previous), Survival d6
25: Crossbow Soldier; Streetwise d4 &Persuasion d6 through day in life.
30: Agility d12
35: Quickdraw
40: Stealth d8, Fighting d12



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