Endless Sand

we have arrived

After leaving the Behir lair and travelling we finally made it to Shield so we can rest and clean up, and my brother as always is spending inordinately too much time with what ever woman catches his eye at the time.
I put up with being called a servant but I do not enjoy it.
I wander about the inn of the Bell & whistle and find other than people’s rooms there is very few places I am not allowed to see, the contraptions here intrigue me.
some of the magic to this place has to be in the kitchen as it is guarded almost as much as the finest wines.
What have they got in there that they won’t let us see?
The hot bath was wonderful and the midnight snack was obviously for something else to die for.
Afraad spent a good bit of time finding buyers for the Behir hide and I was able to strike a deal for a full suit of leather armor made from this fine leather it is so comfortable tailored to fit the very curves of my fine shape. I was able to find an enchanter that put enchantments on it that make me more agile and able to parry better, I hope to get a chance to have this fine armor enchanted with more durability so it can protect me from damage better. Maybe next trip through here..
The group has a goodly bit of gems jewels and gold. Though how much is left when we leave Shield will depend somewhat on how much my brother blows on the ladies as he entertains them…… More on that later.

New Possibilities

So travelling through the desert, making sure im not hunted. I was heading for a old Tomb I knew off, to make camp for the day. Found a group of Camels outside a old tomb. As I inspected them to ascertain there value and if they were guarded, a old rather obese desert dregordian came out of the Tomb.
He seemed somewhat guarded, but I assured him I was just looking for stolen camels.
Soon after some Orc and a Ogre was hauling out some valuable desert worms out. Good condition and alive. The group seemed capable, and they must have survived the traps and other dangers of the Tomb. But I was pretty confident they had not came past the wall of flame.
I made a deal with them, for the riches beyond this wall, told them the old rime that should contain clues to the wall. They were able to bring down the wall.
A old skeleton like creature was beyond the wall, with a number of traps and some statues.
After a long fight we were able to defeat the dangers of beyond the wall.

What we came across I will write about in my next journal, now I need sleep.

Buried Wealth
Musings of an Halfblood

Down the ominous hole I went after the Dwarf and my brother dealt with it mostly. Truthfully the idea of traveling further seemed a foolish notion, however my addiction to wealth overcame rational thought. Fortunately this gamble showed itself to be worthy, tackling onward some strife in association of the bowels of these wyrms. As time passed for everyone treasures were discovered, myself achieving some magically imbued shirt probably warranting enough trades, but nothing compared to the oppose sentient sword against the forces of Darkness. Plundering further within the territory…at least we can see we killed its mother as numerous spawns sprung out from the ground. Their acidic saliva was problematic, rendering our defenses nearly useless as well as superior numbers. Thinning their numbers through persistence, combined with a Dwarf with impregnable dwarvish plate and a psychotic Dregordian… it tipped the cosmic scale in our favor. Even a pair were taken alive, likely to fetch a hefty sum. Conceivably my conquest might not be a dream if this bounty stacked our coffers.

Ruined Venturing
Musings of an Halfblood

Controlling my frustrations was difficult, illustrating countless methods to cut that Dwarf for ruining my opportunity for riches. Equally upsetting is having your naive brother playing nice with the fellow workers. Suppose its better versus the near death experience I almost suffered from by the hands of the warriors in the Colosseum. We split our cuts, although the dwarf found some weapon of Elven origins. Approaching the temple it was quite dark, unnaturally dark as if cloaked by Vainar himself. Stumbling upon obstacles and some worm like beast, nothing was simple though in the midst of combat found some blade that was embedded in its cut. Shocking he was generous to hand it to me after we finished the barrage of arrows or bolts into it. I think the Ogre deserves no cut, being idle once again. I might not like the dwarf, but inactivity and laziness was far worse. Speaking of that..expecting your discovered weapon can talk….intriguing. Maybe I fetch a nice price after fixating the sapphire I found and attached to the hilt.

Endless Sand Arsekicking
Musings of an Halfblood

Blighting bad luck accursed us as I write this on a bed with my brother alongside me. The days prior worked to our favor, both training quite enthusiastically to make future endeavors with better success. A led hinted at a great deal for a team musing on the idea of taking a dive. No idea where that minx of an Eldakar went as well as that ferocious and heavy set Dregordian. The Ogre had dealings of sort, accompanying the two of us in combat. Complications were met in the skirmish of life and death. We fought the good fight, though they were wise targeting us one by one before overwhelming the damn Ogre. Why the Ogre did not exploit the opportunity I had no idea, yet they are not known for their brains. He surrendered I hear which shames all Goblinesh. A good moment was killing that arse with the two-hander, cleaving him in two. Too exhausted to write more, body needs proper rest.

Rumble in the Desert
Musings of an Halfblood

Pompous thug of a crime lord assumes much based on wealth. Envious truth be told this reinforces my infamous greed for acquiring more coinage for future enterprises. A goblinesh with human blood coursing through my veins has made life rough for me and my brother. A token was given and we would be hunting for treasure of some kind. By an Ogre’s balls I needed to get some extra coin. Finding business in the Stadium, I came there as a combatant with Kuvik kicking and dragging I reckon but wouldn’t say anything. We bested the competition and with the winnings exchanged it for a bulbous cage. We were creature wrangling and being out in that environment made all the sense in the Aether and Starfall.

Quicksand almost captured these foolish travelers, though they took my lead it seems. By damnation of the abyss did we get an chapter of torment by the beasts of the desert. Scorpions attempted to ambush and admittedly gold flowed through my mind. By misfortune nothing was kept alive and even got some venom through me. I swear the Dwarf will die for killing my paycheck. A scorpion of such exceptional quality and size as if a blessing by the fucking ascended. Kuvik tried to calm me by pointing out a hole. Time to see what is there. Note to self, avoid the berserking lizard. Might take a beheading to subdue that one.

A stroll in the desert.
Why must all things be in melee range?

I was glad that the camel decided to come along with out making me drag the stupid thing. We set off toward a barrow that seems to be about 5 says from town, following my brother onto an elevated place in the sand we have scorpions move up out of the sands, right next to us making it hard to shoot with my “Hardy” Hardy being my Great crossbow, I unloaded it attempting to hit the one next to me as why not, might as well try, missing, then I change to my chuktar and move to help the heavier armored folks, not that that was a good idea, but I did finally kill one of the little ones and noticed some treasure in the hole it had come from, My brother was wanting to capture one to sell, not sure if we shouldn’t wait until we are heading back before we should try to catch something so we have to lug it less of the way..
Note to self, I need to think faster on my feet..
I hope that this place we are going to has a goodly treasure to keep Ruvik happy. I myself could use more change too, but he goes through so much trying to make it with any female that will give him time of day, I think the only reason he isn’t broke from spending it on the gals is that he does have a greedy streak.

Beginning of new Employment
Musings of an Halfblood

Cannot pretend entering the town of Mara that myself and my brother are pure like white silver. Two … maybe three who were tame as bored brinchies for how swift an arse kicking they receive. Though we got a free meal out from that and decent amount of coinage. Pitching coppers would be of the past soon with some brutish Ogre tapped me over with this battleaxe. Swore he was stricken with an itchin’ for a fight, myself not inclined to be intimidated by our larger kin. Kuvik struck some meaningful words on business, given a chance to get paid. Lucky like a fish in an ocean was a pretty Eldakar. Curious on if this blasted human side could breed with her.

No idea why she was alone, yet it looked like she was meeting with us. Another events included squeezing piss out a bartender after information and breaking even in some dice. Nice building this place we made it the following day. Two large ogres who seem seasoned in combat block the path. Did anyone by Vainar’s rotted cock think I would be swayed aback by their size? Bloody not, I was no Southerner. We told our reason and were first around. A feast was granted and now I knew why the beauty was walking all calm. A damn lizard guarded her. A terribly plump one to add. Skipping the needless sections we ate and met this guy calling himself the Flea. Amusing was learning we needed to test ourselves. OURSELVES WHO HE NEEDED!!!! Guess could not say much. We handled the roaming bones without a problem in these pitts, but the Dregordian took a thrashing or two. Question is….where is when do we get the flaming pay???

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